It’s time you tell your story and become a part of what we are calling “The Best Women’s Compilation Book” ever written.

Co-write with us and be a part of this great journey by collaborating with us on a 7 volumes compilation book of love, hope, faith, and inspiration told by numerous authors of all colors and backgrounds.

If you always wanted to write a book but just have not had the time to do so, here is your opportunity to tell your short story in 8 pages or less.  Don’t worry about your writing skills. We have writing coaches to help you write your masterpiece. The Women’s Compilation book project is extremely unique and one you can be very proud of because it allows you to participate in a humanitarian project.

Your story will be contributing to a great cause and society. This is a charitable project, which gives you the opportunity to write a short story and every time someone buys the book 100% of the proceeds go to registration fees and enrollment of youth in after school programs such as , music, art, dance, and sports. Yes, you are donating your story to the project to help the youth.

The Women’s Compilation book project is for people who want to make a difference through telling their story. There is an unbelievable very small donation to help get the book publish. The small fee is nothing compared to how many people your story can help when we come together as a one. Your contribution can help our present and future generation of youth and you will play an instrumental part in it all.

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  • Application must be submitted online. The required $100 entry fee must accompany the application. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • Once we receive your application, you will be assigned to a writing group and a writing coach to help you tell your story.
  • Your entry must be original, in English, unpublished and unproduced, not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of submission.
  • All stories must be 2000 words or less. Theme should be of love, inspiration, motivation, over coming obstacles or triumph. Entries files should include name, address, and phone number in the upper left-hand corner of the first page.

The book will be published in 6 volumes. Each volume has 15 writers. All writers names will be listed on the cover.

  • Since you are donating your short story to charity all rights of your story will belong to the Women’s Compilation project and publisher for charitable use only. We will be more than happy to allow you to use your stories later in your “Self Published” work. In order for The Women’s Compilation project to give you permission, you must request permission with “The Title of the work, Authors name,and volume” the story or poem is published in.All proceeds 100 % of the book sells will go to the The Women’s Compilation Project Fund. In an effort to ensure the money we raise go directly to the youth that needs our help, The money will go into a fund called “The Women’s Compilation Project Fund.” hosted Mutual Partners Association a nonprofit youth organization. The Women’s Compilation Project Fund will give grant money to youth. We are able to achieve this by sponsoring youth with the enrollment fees they need for programs in their area. Programs must focus on character development, self-esteem and emotional skills as well as valuable life skills to help them thrive in life’s journey. “The Women’s Compilation Project Fund.” will pay for programs that teach character development, peer mentoring and experiential learning through fun activities such as theater, music, art, and sports. Any student is encouraged to apply for our yearly grant awarded through The Women’s compilation Book Project. The members of “The Women’s Compilation Project ” Will get quarterly sells statements sent to your email address on file with account balance. Also, a quarterly statement of all youth who was awarded money and the programs we enrolled them in. This way we will know how the money is used and how many kids we are helping. The program is for youths who are low income whose parent can’t afford programs such as the ones we will be paying for.
  • It is no secret how inner city youth nationwide are struggling with a lack of after school programs, summer jobs, gangs, gun violence, and teenage pregnancy. And you probably have been considering how to become a part of the solution, but are uncertain of how to proceed. Well, the opportunity has arrived alas! The Women’s Compilation book project can be one source. The proceeds from our book can help take our children off the streets and into programs that teach character development and leadership skills. Words are powerful and we are asking you to use your words in a way that promotes well-being in our communities. We can no longer sit and do nothing. Please join us and collaborate to provide the necessary programs and resources our youth need to become productive members of society. Everyone can play a role in empowering our youth and inspiring hope for a better future.

How To Get Started

By becoming a contributor you can now establish your title as an author. People will want to read more of your stories. Our book allows the reader to sample your style of writing and story.

You will be apart of history. 100 women collaborating on 6 volumes that gives back to the community. As long as the books are in print they will always be a source of giving. Now how wonderful is that?

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