The Women’s Compilation Project hosted by Mutual Partners Association offers thousands of dollars in scholarships money each year to help minority youth attend quality after-school and summer programs.

One of the utmost priorities and ultimate goals of Mutual Partners Association is to solidify the overall success of our next generation. Ample funding towards this charitable cause serves as a chief catalyst for affording students with exemplary educational opportunities. Working as a team, Mutual Partners Association can shatter barriers which impede critical growth, development, and maturity of our youth in various facets. Therefore, we humbly ask your participation to reinforce the humanitarian cause at hand which entails: enriching the lives of inner-city students; enabling them to achieve immeasurable dreams; changing the direction of at-risk teenagers; minimizing crime and beyond by purchasing one of our books.  Although the investment is nominal, the rewards are extraordinary.


Summer/Fall 2017 applications are now open. We accept applications on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply early.

Applications for the Summer/ fall 2017 program session are now open!

  • Find a program nearby your School’ you can search using Google ‘Zip Code’ search filters.
  • You can apply to interview for up to three programs but can only participate in one.
  • Once you’ve submitted an application for the maximum amount of programs, you are unable to go back and change anything. You must complete the online application and then interview in order to be accepted into a program.


Any children between the ages of 8 and 16 who is able to attend an afterschool program are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Application

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