The Project

The women’s Compilation Book Project is hosted by Mutual Partners Association which is a 501(c)(3) organization that collaborates with other organizations to implement after-school and summer programs for youth in urban communities. This is a charitable project, which gives you the opportunity to “Tell Your Story” The project consists of women co-writing on a 7-volume book, telling their stories of inspiration to encourage others. Every time someone buys the book 100% of the proceeds go toward registration fees and enrollment of youth in after school and summer programs such as, music, art, dance, and sports. Yes, the women are donating their story to the project to help the youth.

There are three ways you can help

  • Join the project and tell your story
  • Buy a book to help pay for registrations fees

Sign up a child who is low income for a scholarship

Painting by Frank Morrison

It’s time to tell your


Whatever your passion, whatever your testimony, it’s time to tell your story and share it with others to be an encouragement. No other person in this world knows your story better than you and only you can tell it. You probably have been wanting to write your story, perhaps to help others or just to encourage so they won’t feel alone or go through the struggles you have endured. If so, this project is for you. God often allows us to go through trials and tribulations to make us stronger but also to help someone else by telling our testimony of how we got through it. Satan wants you to keep your story hidden because he knows your story is the breakthrough many will receive from reading it. He knows telling your story, will change many lives.

Sharing your story with others can be your way of expressing gratitude to God. You’re letting people know about what God has done and is doing in your life. Many times, people just need to feel they are not alone in their struggles. By reading your story, it speaks to the reader’s heart. You are a living testimony of what God has done for you and that He can surely do the same for others. It’s truly a powerful and amazing way to tell God thank you for all he has done.

Your story of gratitude has the power to strengthen someone faith in Christ.

Ask yourself these questions

  • What has God done for you that you need to share with others who are struggling through difficult circumstances?
  • How has someone else’s story inspired or impacted you?
  • What obstacles you have defeated and would like to share with the world how you did it?

When someone ask you, what is the reason for your hope?  You can tell them it’s all in my story.


And, Still I Rise is an anthology of feminine voices that is as richly diverse as it is startlingly original. Encompassing spirituality, falling in love, choosing to call another country home, accepting God’s calling, finding creativity, care-taking, and other life-changing experiences, And, Still I Rise is a collection of inspiration, faith, hope, and love that will inspire all who read it. The Women’s Compilation Project is hosted by Mutual Partners Association, a nonprofit organization that implement after-school and summer programs for youth in urban communities. The proceeds from this book will help pay for youth to attend after school and summer programs that teach character development, self-esteem, leadership skills and experiential learning through fun activities such as theater, music, art, dance and sports.

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